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Love, Sex & Relationship Advice

This blog is for advice on sex, love and relationships. I am not an expert but this will be both personal thoughts along with professional research. Ask anything!
Feb 15 '12

To my follower in the love triangle

I am just going to say how I feel, I hope it does not offend you in any way.

You ask me to tell you who to pick between these two boys…I say forget them both. These boys seem to have both pros and cons but really the cons seem to trump the pros. You are young still…three years from now you are going to wonder why you even liked these guys. You are going to meet lots of different guys, there will be the bad boys who break your heart, and the nice guys who you will break their hearts. Debating which guy to choose is not a good option. You should learn to make yourself happy not rely on a guy for happiness. I know this might come off mean but really you are young and should not worry about these things. I know right now it might seem like you like them a lot but a year from now even you will probably like someone new. These guys seem to not treat you very well, so why waste your tears on them. I remember being 14 completely obsessed with a guy thinking that I can not live without him in my life…I was heartbroken when he got a girlfriend. He dragged me around for months and I thought that I never love someone other then him. Now I cannot even remember why I liked him, or even our first kiss. At the time it seems as there is no one else but really there is…there are so many others out there. So I say go out and be young, meet new people, and not settle for a guy. Because if a guy really likes you he would not put you through all the stuff those guys put you through.

So be happy and my choice is pick yourself because thats the best option.