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Love, Sex & Relationship Advice

This blog is for advice on sex, love and relationships. I am not an expert but this will be both personal thoughts along with professional research. Ask anything!

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Dec 10 '12

Anonymous asked:

How do you know if you are in love?

There is no one true definition of love, everyone has their own. Author Jeremy Taylor states that “love is friendship set on fire.” Some dictionaries state its a strong emotions, some say its a feeling, others just an idea. Where Jeremy Taylor states its based off of friendship, some say its based off of attraction, or a sexual relationship. Love is not a define thing so it is really hard to say when you are in love. Some people believe in love at first sight others might take months even years to say those three words. All I know is that the world revolves around the idea of love. There are thousands of songs, poems, books, and movies based off of this idea. They all have different beginnings, middles and ends. But overall the theme is about two people having a strong, indescribable emotion between them. This emotion or feeling drives them as a human to do incredible things, or even horrible things. Now love can be with anyone, a significant other, a family member, friend, pet. But I am assuming you mean you’re asking about being in love with someone, a partner. Now I do not know if you are in love and there is really no gauge to tell. Personally to me I think love is something when you feel it you know. But also the mind and heart can play tricks. Psychologically speaking they have determine that a part of your brain changes when you love someone. And I think this true, just look how differently we act. Psychologist also state that a crush lasts three months so after that it means love. This could be true. But who can really put a time on love. Sure personally I don’t think you can love someone within a day or two but who am I know. I don’t usually put a lot of personal stuff in my post but Ill share with you followers that I have been in love. To me being in love means you care about the person deeply, and about their happiness. You want to be connected to them. Some want this physically, some emotionally, some mentally, spiritually and others maybe want all and more. Like I said love has no definition that I can share with you. I think you must ask yourself do you feel like you’re in love. Love brings good emotions of course such as happiness, fulfillment, peacefulness, and more. But it also can bring pain, jealously, and heartbreak. Emotions and feelings fuel the fire of love. And love to some may be good others may try to avoid it. Love is just what you think it is.

Ill leave it up to you but personally I think if you are asking if you are in love you might be.

Dec 9 '12


That got your attention? I am currently answering any of your sex, love or relationship questions. Ask away


Mar 14 '12

Let food spice up your love life.

There are several food, ingredients, and drinks that are not only yummy but help your love life, especially in the bedroom.

Here are some treats to try:

Food: Bananas 

Why: Contains chelating minerals and the bromeliad enzyme that can enhance the male libido.

Suggestion: A banana itself looks like a certain body part so seductively eat the banana and share it with your guy. Also try Banana Pops which are chocolate cover frozen Bananas.

Food: Chocolate

Why: Contains anandamide, the “feel-good” chemical, phenylethylamine also know as PEA, the “love chemical,” which releases dopamine in the pleasure centers of the brain and peaks during orgasm. PEA is said to help induce feelings of excitement, attraction and euphoria. 

Suggestion: Share some chocolates and maybe even use some chocolate syrup for some fore play. 

Food: Honey

Why: Contains boron, a trace mineral that helps the body use and metabolize estrogen and can also enhance testosterone levels in the blood. Also promotes sex drive and orgasm in both men and women.

Suggestion: Get some honey and put some on your lovers body and slowly lick it off. Put little drops all over, also if it is comes from a body use the squeeze bottle to draw designs and the cool liquid will feel good on their skin. 

Some others:









Small amounts of coffee

Alcohol but especially wine




Incorporate these foods or ingredients  pre (or during) sex for some extra yummy fun.

Mar 13 '12

Lady Followers!

Hey ladies I am taking a survey for my next post. I am going to post a few questions feel free to message me anytime this week with your answers. Everything will be anonymous so feel free to say whatever you like. 

1. What is one thing that you wish guys would do more?

2.How important is sex in a relationship?

3.What is one thing that a partner should not do?

4. What is a really big deal breaker?

5.What is a pet peeve that guys do?

6.What is one thing that a guy could improve on in a relationship?

7.What is the best thing to hear from a guy?

8.How often should a guy text/call?

9.What is your opinion on what a good relationship is?

10.State your opinion on what are the best qualities are in a guy.

Deadline for answers are this weekend, so I have time to create the post. Your input is highly appreciated.

Thanks xoxo

Mar 13 '12

Hey everybody!

What are some topics you want me to post about? Send me some ideas and burning questions and Ill pick a common topic for a new post. As always ask any question you would like dealing with sex, love, relationships, and anything to do with those topics!


Mar 12 '12

Anonymous asked:

Ok so me and my boyfriend have been going out awhile and we have tried having sex but it doesnt happen, is there anything youu can suggest to help? Im nervous about trying again as i dont want it to go wrong, i feel really stupid. It the first time for both of us.

You and your boyfriend just need to relax and have fun. Just build up to the sex, have lots of foreplay to have fun and get each other very aroused. Do not have it all planned out just be more spontaneous with it. It is easier to have sex if you two communicate and not think about it as something you need to get done but something that will be enjoyable and intimate. There is a big elephant in the room because you guys have not have sex and feel the pressure to make it so great. If you relax and have fun it will be great. If you are having trouble having sex make sure you are very lubricated and aroused. But also make sure you are emotionally comfortable in the situation, do not do anything you do not want to do. The key is to communicate with your partner just tell him what is/isn’t working, and he can do the same.  Just climb into bed and have some fun. 

Feb 27 '12

Spring Fever

The weather is warming up and so should your relationship. It is time to heat things up in the sex department. It is time to do some spring cleaning. So open that sex drawer and go through all your toys. It is time to get rid of the old and get in with the new. So play with some old favorites and then treat each other to new sex toys. It can be vibrators, lube, handcuffs, rope, sex dice etc. This will bring a little bit of spice this spring!

Feb 24 '12

Anonymous asked:

So I ran out of ideas of sexy pictures to send to my guy. Any ideas?

I do not know what you have done but here are some ideas…

Over the shoulder shot to show off you backside.

A picture in your panties telling him you want him to take them off.

If you have a good friend that it willing to take some pictures of you, you can do some different shots that you would not be able to do by yourself.

If you have a phone that can take videos, make a short sexy video.

Lay down and have the camera at your face so the picture shows down your body.

Put on a hot outfit or if you have a sexy lingerie, or even a dirty halloween costume ( Sexy schoolgirl, dirty nurse etc)

Do a strip tease through pictures. For example the first one clothed, and each one have less and less clothes. You can send them all at once or through out the day as a tease.

Feb 22 '12

Anonymous asked:

So I texted the I like, finally, for about 5 hours... Well, we got onto the topic of sex and he (and I) have both had experience but not like sex-sex. At the time I hadn't really remembered my 'experience' so I didn't tell him. Mine was minor, his was major. I just once got, well, eaten out. He's had a bj and he's eaten, but I was young, and by judgement his was recent. So, he told me he liked me, and I'm worried for the time he'll ask me out, because I'm worried he'll pressure me into sex. TBC.

Well I think just because he had a sexual encounter he is not going to expect you to do the same on the first date. Tell him up front that you are not comfortable doing anything sexual yet. If he is a god guy he will understand. If he begins to pressure you, tell him no. If he becomes forceful leave because he is not the right guy.

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Feb 16 '12

Anonymous asked:

my best friend recently got her first real boyfriend. from everything that she tells us practically all they do is make out. is this how a normal relationship usually goes? its not like they makeout in front of everyone, but whenever they go out somewhere or watch a movie, they spend the entire time making out and kissing and im not sure i want a relationship if its going to be so physical all the time. is this how all relationships start off? because thats what it seems like for everybody.

A lot of times when couples get together they go through something called the ‘honeymoon stage’ this usually last three or four months. This is when the couple are so in lust and enthralled with each other they show it physically. Every relationship is different, some couples may not show their new found love physically. A good tip if you are in a new relationship and you want to avoid all the physical stuff is try to do different things like play games, go out shopping and just talk. Your friend is probably caught up in the romance.