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This blog is for advice on sex, love and relationships. I am not an expert but this will be both personal thoughts along with professional research. Ask anything!

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Dec 10 '12

Anonymous asked:

How do you know if you are in love?

There is no one true definition of love, everyone has their own. Author Jeremy Taylor states that “love is friendship set on fire.” Some dictionaries state its a strong emotions, some say its a feeling, others just an idea. Where Jeremy Taylor states its based off of friendship, some say its based off of attraction, or a sexual relationship. Love is not a define thing so it is really hard to say when you are in love. Some people believe in love at first sight others might take months even years to say those three words. All I know is that the world revolves around the idea of love. There are thousands of songs, poems, books, and movies based off of this idea. They all have different beginnings, middles and ends. But overall the theme is about two people having a strong, indescribable emotion between them. This emotion or feeling drives them as a human to do incredible things, or even horrible things. Now love can be with anyone, a significant other, a family member, friend, pet. But I am assuming you mean you’re asking about being in love with someone, a partner. Now I do not know if you are in love and there is really no gauge to tell. Personally to me I think love is something when you feel it you know. But also the mind and heart can play tricks. Psychologically speaking they have determine that a part of your brain changes when you love someone. And I think this true, just look how differently we act. Psychologist also state that a crush lasts three months so after that it means love. This could be true. But who can really put a time on love. Sure personally I don’t think you can love someone within a day or two but who am I know. I don’t usually put a lot of personal stuff in my post but Ill share with you followers that I have been in love. To me being in love means you care about the person deeply, and about their happiness. You want to be connected to them. Some want this physically, some emotionally, some mentally, spiritually and others maybe want all and more. Like I said love has no definition that I can share with you. I think you must ask yourself do you feel like you’re in love. Love brings good emotions of course such as happiness, fulfillment, peacefulness, and more. But it also can bring pain, jealously, and heartbreak. Emotions and feelings fuel the fire of love. And love to some may be good others may try to avoid it. Love is just what you think it is.

Ill leave it up to you but personally I think if you are asking if you are in love you might be.

Feb 15 '12

To my follower in the love triangle

I am just going to say how I feel, I hope it does not offend you in any way.

You ask me to tell you who to pick between these two boys…I say forget them both. These boys seem to have both pros and cons but really the cons seem to trump the pros. You are young still…three years from now you are going to wonder why you even liked these guys. You are going to meet lots of different guys, there will be the bad boys who break your heart, and the nice guys who you will break their hearts. Debating which guy to choose is not a good option. You should learn to make yourself happy not rely on a guy for happiness. I know this might come off mean but really you are young and should not worry about these things. I know right now it might seem like you like them a lot but a year from now even you will probably like someone new. These guys seem to not treat you very well, so why waste your tears on them. I remember being 14 completely obsessed with a guy thinking that I can not live without him in my life…I was heartbroken when he got a girlfriend. He dragged me around for months and I thought that I never love someone other then him. Now I cannot even remember why I liked him, or even our first kiss. At the time it seems as there is no one else but really there is…there are so many others out there. So I say go out and be young, meet new people, and not settle for a guy. Because if a guy really likes you he would not put you through all the stuff those guys put you through.

So be happy and my choice is pick yourself because thats the best option.