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Love, Sex & Relationship Advice

This blog is for advice on sex, love and relationships. I am not an expert but this will be both personal thoughts along with professional research. Ask anything!

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Mar 13 '12

Lady Followers!

Hey ladies I am taking a survey for my next post. I am going to post a few questions feel free to message me anytime this week with your answers. Everything will be anonymous so feel free to say whatever you like. 

1. What is one thing that you wish guys would do more?

2.How important is sex in a relationship?

3.What is one thing that a partner should not do?

4. What is a really big deal breaker?

5.What is a pet peeve that guys do?

6.What is one thing that a guy could improve on in a relationship?

7.What is the best thing to hear from a guy?

8.How often should a guy text/call?

9.What is your opinion on what a good relationship is?

10.State your opinion on what are the best qualities are in a guy.

Deadline for answers are this weekend, so I have time to create the post. Your input is highly appreciated.

Thanks xoxo