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Love, Sex & Relationship Advice

This blog is for advice on sex, love and relationships. I am not an expert but this will be both personal thoughts along with professional research. Ask anything!

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Dec 9 '12


That got your attention? I am currently answering any of your sex, love or relationship questions. Ask away


Jan 23 '12

Why sex is so important in a relationship

Everyone has a different opinion about sex. Some choose to wait to marriage, others have it freely and as often as possible. There is nothing wrong with either of these…though I do believe that all sex should be safe. This post is on the importance of sex especially in a relationship. 

According to WebMD sex is a way to relieve stress, boost your immune system, burn calories, improves heart health, boost your self-esteem, reduce pain, reduce the risk of prostate cancer, strengthen pelvic muscles, improve your sleep, and improve intimacy. I would really like to talk about the last one. Intimacy is very important when it comes to a relationship. It is a way to bond the couple and keep the passion alive. According to WebMD “Having sex and orgasms increases levels of the hormone oxytocin, the so-called love hormone, which helps us bond and build trust.” This is really important for a relationship to be functional. 

I believe that sex is a way to communicate with your partner, gain trust, and show your loyalty to one another. These are all very important factors in a relationship.

Feel free to ask questions.


Jan 23 '12

First Entry

Hello everyone!

I decided to start an advice/informative blog about love, sex, break ups, relationship and everything in between. I will post daily current information from professionals about various topics, along with personal opinions. Feel free to ask anything you like, and do not be shy!

Thank you.